Welcome to the South Bristol Sunday Mixed Darts League

League matches consist of 6 singles - best of 3 legs 301 double start, double to finish, and 3 doubles - best of 3 legs 501 double start, double to finish. Only one county player to play in any one match or competition.

Any players arriving after 21.00 cannot play unless an agreement is made between the teams at the beginning of the match to make arrangements for players that are working late and cannot arrive before 21.00.


County players can only enter one comp i,e singles doubles or threes .not all three competitions.

Results must be sent via telephone or text by the Wednesday evening following the match at the latest. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the points.

   Results to :        GEOFF BLACKMORE  TEL 0117 9830906  MOB 07798550993

OR - Use the contact Tab above

It is the winning teams responsibility to send the result.